Blogs I Recommend!

If you’d like to read what I read, check out these awesome blogs I follow! Favorites? Maybe…

  • Cross Culture Christian is probably my most favorite blog so far. Kevin is inspiring in faith and he has an outgoing writing style that can hook you to his site for a long time. He has quite a large audience, but he will interact with his followers! This just shows his awesome charisma! (Plus, he speaks 3.5 languages… Doesn’t that give him even more awesomeness points?!)
  • Pebblestone Steps is all about details – things you overlook everyday. The writer’s insight into everything he sees is very unique and introspective. Not only do I look forward to his words, but also to his beautiful photography! One of the blogs I look forward to encountering when I open my Reader window!
  • Speaking of pictures, JeffKid also has awesome photos. He blogs when he’s not busy taking pictures. His pictures often need no words… They speak for themselves (with a little bit of help from his Instagram captions)!
  • Reach For Roots is written by a spunky LDS who writes really well, and has a very positive outlook on life! Love her blog! Go show her some love too!
  • The Blogger On The Mount is a religious blog with very interesting, refreshing, and thought-provoking insights into lessons we should take from the Bible and daily Christian life. Besides the excellent posts, the writer is so interactive with the followers!
  • InspireAFeeling is a crafty blog! No pun intended, she does crafting projects and shares them with her readers. But she also has some pretty interesting categories that are non-craft related – and I like these! (Around the same time, she and I had the same kind of idea for gratitude posts, so I do make mention of this blog in my Thanksgiving November Challenge post!)
  • Loving My Pancreas is a wonderful blog about the writer’s journey of living with half of her pancreas. An incredible feat, if you ask me! (One of my favorite posts in her blog is “It’s never too late.”)

Enjoy these awesome people and their writings! 🙂



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