I’m here to share with you the things that moves me.

Something that moves you is something that unsettles your actions, thoughts, and words into motion towards something different – or more of the same. As you’ll learn reading through my blog, there’s a lot that moves me.

I’m a college student who’s passionate about science. I love tiny things like bacteria, relatively larger things like humans, and unseen things like molecules and their laws of motion. If that doesn’t make me sound like an enormous nerd, I don’t know what a nerd is. wpid-742eedb892b8aa99f088f88f47a6e775.jpg

I’m also a Christian who loves to spend time in church, singing, sharing, teaching, and helping. I’m a current youth leader, so some of my blog posts will be based on my inspiration from teaching or preparing to teach. May I just say that I love working with the awkward teenagers? I know, I sound crazier by the second.

I’m forward-minded, which translates to my constant desire for more and better. What says more and better than cookies? (Reference to the picture to the right).


If you’d like to venture through a versatile mind of opinions, encouragement, and life in general, join me. I’d love to uncoil my thoughts with you!

I hope you leave this page a little more inspired and light-hearted than before 🙂

I am doing a “Thanksgiving November” series of posts this month! Read about it and participate! Here are my latest posts of the challenge:

More Opportunities

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Honestly, I love what your blog has to offer to the audience. Although you do need to improve your About Page, okay? It’s a very essential ingredient in attracting audience since it is through you, the blogger, that the audience finds a connection. Rest your content is interesting and real.

    Hope it helps.

    Good luck! 🙂


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