Thanksgiving November: My Freedom

This is my third week of Thanksgiving November 2016, a challenge in which I share what I’m thankful for this year.

In midst of one of the most divise elections in the US, I realized how grateful I am that I can speak my mind freely without severe consequences.

Usually, this is how “free speech” happens in our modern tech world: opinionated people receive criticism from other opinionated people and then not-so-healthy debates start forming on Facebook and then someone – or multiple people – become aggravated and insults begin to form… It’s not a pretty picture when you look at that side of it. But imagine what it would be like if no one could ever express their opinions.

Pictured it?

Boring. Confining. Superficial. (Don’t you just want to vacation there already?? I know I don’t.)

The beauty of a free country is that anyone can voice their thoughts. This includes those who initiate the conversation, those who contribute to such conversation, and even those who just listen to (or read) it.

It’s a beautiful thing to have the absolute freedom to voice any of your thoughts on any issue, whether personal or not.

It only becomes ugly when we forget that this is a right that every single one of us holds. Can you voice your disagreement with that person’s latest post on Facebook? Absolutely, you can! Can that person continue to post the same topics and same views constantly? Abolutely, they can!

You see, freedom isn’t only for those who agree with you, because what makes us different is how we see the world around us. We all live on the same beautiful Earth, but every single one of us will see that green grass and that blue sky a little differently. That’s the beauty of our freedom. That’s the beauty of this country.

No matter what happens after this election – whether you like or dislike the results, whether you’re out exercising your right to voice your opinion or just at home taking it all in – this country is still free. Don’t take for granted and don’t forget the very concept so many before you have fought so hard to establish.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving month?

– B

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