Thanksgiving November: Friendships

Being thankful in the middle of a busy year is sometimes left aside… A year ago I also started a Thanksgiving November Challenge, which I made for myself (click HERE to see my first Thanksgiving November post). This is what I’m thankful for.

On the last post, I mentioned that I’ve met people this summer that have cheanged my perspective. One of those people is a special friend I made in the program.

It’s funny how things work out for the best when you least expect it… She came from across the country about week into the program and the whole cohort was pretty excited to meet her. The day she arrived, the cohort had gone out as a group to buy some things for our apartments, so I ended up buying her food and a pillow before I had even met her in person (I’m the nicest, aren’t I?).

When I finally did meet her, my expectations went no further than “I hope she’s nice”. In fact, the whole summer experience was like that as I arrived and settled in Oregon – but I digress. We only chatted for a little bit and then went our ways. Everything past that first meeting is a little blurry. I don’t know exactly how we became close, but I do know that we are annoyed at the same things. That’s pretty much how we bonded.

Another thing I know is that I was comfortable around her since we first met. A few days after that first encounter, we sang and danced in my apartment for a good half hour after having amazing chocolate chip cookies freshly baked just for us (okay, we paid for it… but it tasted as if it was just for me). It was the most liberating first friend date I’ve ever been on (shout out to you, Beks!).

I think that under different circumstances, we wouldn’t have become such good friends because we really don’t seem that similar on the surface. But if you dig a little deeper, there’s all sorts of beautiful connections (like High School Musical – we’re not even ashamed).

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving month?

– B

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