Thanksgiving November: More Opportunities

It’s been more than a year since I’ve made this blog and started to share a little piece of my thoughts. A year ago – almost exactly – I also started a Thanksgiving November Challenge, which I made for myself. Click HERE to see my first Thanksgiving November post. I decided it would be a good challenge to come back with.

Last year, I also wrote about being grateful for opportunities, but last year’s opportunities were different than the ones I’ve had this year. So in 2016, I am so grateful for the internship I had at University of Oregon, working in a lab where I found so much more passion for science. I worked with a relatively new idea of the microbiome. If you know nothing about the microbiome, here are some links you can explore to learn a bit about it: “Invisible Creatures That Keep You Alive”, NIH overview, American Museum of Natural History. This is an incredible field of research because it encompasses so much of human health! I’m planning to write a separate post for this because I can go on for days… So stay tuned!

This incredible opportunity led to more opportunities as I went off to present my work at a conference. I had the chance to talk to present professionals, present students in institutions I may apply to, and the chance to see how amazingly interconnected science, math, and technology (STEM) fields really are. This last one is a topic I am so passionate about, and will definitely write about at some point in this blog.

This internship also allowed me to realize that I have such a strong support system in my own school – one I had noticed before, but not quite as strongly. I’m so excited to have so much support from the faculty in my home institution. They are legitimately excited for my future, and it motivates me to do my best in my last year there.

In short, I’m eternally grateful to the people that helped me to open this door, because I have learned so much from it all. Last year, I had an awesome chance to tutor subjects I love to large groups of students as an SI Leader. But this year, I got to work in a lab and learn more about my own interests and my love for science; and I met incredible people through this internship program – people that have gone so far to help me become a better scientist, student, and person.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving month?

– B

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