2016, I’m ready for you

This is a late “new year” post, but I figured it’s better late than never!

I want you to think of a really important part of your life – a hobby, your job, your family – and imagine it just vanish. Feels empty, doesn’t it? That’s exactly how I felt for most of the year. Something was missing… Now, if you’re religious or spiritual at all, you know that once that part of your life goes hay-wire, there’s always something missing in your day-to-day. The worst part of it is that I couldn’t put my finger on what was missing, so I couldn’t fix it either.

As a result, I was very pessimistic at the turn of the year. Nothing seemed to be going anywhere and 2016 just looked like a tedious, frustrating extension of 2015.

It’s not like 2015 didn’t have many many special moments, because it most definitely did. And here they are:

  • I had both my uncles visit me from Brazil – one at the beginning of the year and the other at the end.
  • In between those lovely visits, I got to go to Brazil myself and see the Amazon in its pure and astonishing beauty.
  • I got to see my grandparents whom I haven’t seen since 2012. They are so special in my life, and the week I spent with them was more than special, it was a blessing.
  • I was distinguished as one of the best students of the science department of my school.
  • I was accepted to great schools, all of which I would have loved to attend (but didn’t for reasons that have little to do with the schools themselves). One of them had a 7% acceptance rate!
  • I was hired to start a job I am really excited about.
  • I cut my hair (really cut it) for the first time in probably 10 years.
  • I learned the guitar, something I go to constantly now to de-stress.
  • I got to see beautiful places of California: Napa, Monterey Bay, Santa Barbara, Morro Bay (most down Highway 1).
  • I grew closer to my siblings.
  • And I visited one of the hospitals I have always wanted to visit (I’m a weird nursing student that, yes, really likes hospitals): Loma Linda University. I also lost my phone there for about 20 minutes, which was enough to freak me out…

And yet, there was something missing and it was making me very sad. This weekend, at the turn of the year (sort of), I experienced something very special and it has completely changed my perspective on how I see the near(ish) future. I went to a young adult retreat that was organized by a group in my church. It was such a blessing to be among like-minded people that are so open to hear the message of Christ. I was so blessed with the messages from the speaker – every single one touched a subject that I really needed to hear; I was among an awesome group of young people who share the same passion for Christ and who have or are struggling with the same things that I do; and I had so much fun with our game night (I even have bruises to remember!). It was the perfect weekend to kick off my semester and my year.

After that lovely – and much needed – experience, here’s my new goal in 2016:

To follow Christ, and to know Him – really know Him – so that I can fully and faithfully rely on Him to guide my life.

And if you believe in the same God that I do, a God that is knocking to come into your life to love you like you’ve never imagined (Revelation 3:20), I hope this will be your new year’s resolution as well.

God bless and may 2016 be a year of good changes!




  1. Wow! At my church we have this annual event we call the “Encounter”. It is a weekend devoted to getting rid of anything that is keeping us from being close to God. It sounds like you had your own “Encounter”.

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  2. Wonderful New Year reflections! I started a new church group in January and a Discipleship course, which I have also found so useful and refreshing in my faith. That is the perfect resolution, I am striving for that also. May this year be full of blessings!

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