December Resolutions

Why save the resolutions for the new year when you can start in December??

I have a few goals in December and I’ll share what they are so I’ll be held accountable for them!

  1. Get through my final exams alive (or somewhat alive)
  2. Read a few pages of my book everyday… I’ll shoot for at least 100 pages until the end of December. I mean, I do have quite a few chapters to read for finals, so I’ll be saving my eyes for that until it’s over!
  3. Stop eating so much junk… And it’ll be hard because, well, finals… I don’t have a particular goal in mind. I just want to stop having chocolate bars every time I want a snack.
  4. Learn some Christmas music on the piano (or just get done with the ones I have in progress… that’s always a good goal, right?!)

That is all for now… Start with attainable goals, right??
I’ll be ready for 2016 resolutions in no time.

Good luck with finals if you’re in school.
And good luck with holiday preparation if you aren’t.

Just don’t forget to be happy in this wonderful month of December!



  1. Hey Bianca. Thanks again for the encouraging words on Twitter.I have a question: what do you do on your posts so that the image is the 1st thing people see about your posts?I Am using the same theme as yours but I can not make my images pop out on the post.One has to open the open to be able to see the image.Therefore my home page looks dead(kind of).Thanks!


    1. Hey! You’re so welcome, it’s a pleasure to encourage great bloggers!
      When you edit your post, there’s a heading on the left: “featured image” and you upload your image on there (even if it’s already in the post!).
      Hope this helped! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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