Thanksgiving November: Raw Emotions

Thanksgiving November is a challenge I made for myself and anyone who would like to participate. I started the month thinking that it would be a nice reminder, to myself and any readers, that there are always things to be grateful for!

This is my last post for this challenge. It’s been awesome to look for things to write about for this challenge. It opened my eyes to lots of things I think I may have overlooked otherwise.

For this last post, I decided to share something a little more personal

A few weeks back, I let a few overwhelming tasks bring on a bigger and even more overwhelming, tricky, detestable question: What’s to come in the future?


I avoid that question just because I’m tired of planning so much… And you can read a little more about that (with some tips for you) in a previous post here: 3 Lessons for Anxious College Students.

But being tired of it does nothing to help the feeling of being totally lost. So I decided to cheer myself up by writing down a whole page of things I’m grateful for.

Here are the things I wrote down:

I’m blessed for:
having warm clothes to wear as it cools down for holiday season.
having a family that prays for me.
having the opportunity to grow with an education.
having plenty of food when I’m hungry (or when I feel like eating).
having a little sister.
knowing Christ, His mission, and His love for all humanity.
being able to read.
having hands to write to relieve my angst and frustration.
having a mind that works in favor of what I do o want to do.
having eyes to experience the world in all its colors.
having legs and feet to walk, run, and dance.
having clean water to relieve my thirst and to fulfill hygienic needs.
having a working heart that allows my body to function as it should.
having lungs that allow me to breathe in fresh air.
speaking multiple languages.
the Lord’s guidance thus far.
the wonderful people that have been blessings in my life.
having a bed to sleep on and blankets to cover me in the cold.
being able to sing.
having a blessed hope.

I only took out the “I’m blessed to/for” at the beginning of each one of those sentences. I wrote this before I even thought of the November challenge, so I left most of this exactly as I wrote on a piece of paper that night – with all its human emotions!

I was being really negative about everything and writing about it. So I decided to write the opposite of all of that on the other side of the paper.fb_img_1448789827218.jpg

There are so many blessings we overlook every day, especially when we’re having a bad day. So I hope this Thanksgiving has given you an opportunity to reflect on the things you’re grateful for.

And why not make this gratitude thing a thing fro every day? When you’re feeling down, try to remember a couple of things you’re thankful for. And if it works – or not – let me know! And if you do anything else to stay positive, also comment. I’d love to know how you bring yourself back to gratitude!

Until then— look, a colorful life!



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