Last week I heard lots of opinions and passionate speeches and rants about the Syrian refugees coming here, and along with that, the topic of terrorism.

So I decided to share how I feel.

I feel over-the-top, overwhelmingly, never-felt-this-way ANGRY. I have so much rage inside of me. Rage that’s not directed at anyone or at any groups of people, but at the entire world as it is today.

I am disgusted with how well the devil* has been working in our minds and in our hearts. I’m appalled at the success he’s had with destroying lives. And I’m outraged with his power to separate us.

* If you don’t believe in a “devil,” then just read it as “evil” if you’d like to understand what I’m expressing.

In a time when we’re supposedly “united with France” because of its bombings, many people have come out and expressed their dislike for our assimilation with France and ignorance of everywhere else where the same things happened. I am not blaming them for it. I agree. There are so many other places that deserve our condolences, our prayers, our thoughts, and our defense. After all, they’re people like us – their lifestyles are being attacked just like ours! But I also agree that the attack in France was a direct attack at our way of life. It made absolutely clear that ISIS and its organizations want to destroy the Western World, with all of its culture: entertainment (why do you think they attacked a theatre, a stadium, and restaurants?), strength (France is the 2nd most powerful economy in Europe), and religion (yes, they’re still targeting Christians). The France attack should be considered very personal!

But these opinions have separated us!

Similarly, the opinions on the Syrian refugees have separated America:

YES, let them in! We’re all humans. Where has humanity gone? Are we any different than them if we reject to help our neighbors? Are we really Christians if we ignore their needs?

NO, they should not come in! America is already in danger. Why would we bring a load of people with possible terrorists in it? Why would we put our own Americans at risk? Why would we risk our freedoms at home?

And my response to all of this mess is this: Either way we lose.

Here’s the quick version of my feelings:

I’m angry.
I’m angry that evil has corrupted man.
I’m angry that we would fall for the Devil’s plan to destroy us and our goodness.
I’m angry that there’s nowhere safe anymore.
I’m angry that we discriminate.
I’m angry that evil has become so masked that, for our own protection, we have to make assumptions about others.
I’m angry that humans have become so greedy that they want to destroy others’ lifestyles.
I’m angry that we love power so much.
I’m angry that we feel entitled to others’ homes, lands, families, and lives.
I’m angry that we’ve lost so many innocent, beautiful lives to inhumane demonstrations of evil.
I’m angry that we only celebrate life when it’s taken away.
I’m angry that we take our privileges for granted.
I’m angry that we watch celebrities instead of being informed about our world.
I’m angry that we get angry.
I’m angry at our world, our humans, our lack of faith, our lack of humanity.
I’m angry.
And there’s only one thing that can change that: my hope in the promised land.

I’m angry that we have to make a choice between protecting lives from here or protecting lives from there.

And I’m so sick of political correctness. I’m gonna tell you this: I don’t care what you choose to believe. That’s between you, God, and your vote.

So when you do choose, I hope you choose what God has put in your heart to choose. Because that is the only way we’re going to win this war – a war that’s not even tangible.



  1. I agree it’s so terrible and either way has it’s pros and cons (mostly cons). I’ve been trying to figure out my own opinion about this and I think you’ve just about summed it up. Maybe God prefers to let the refugees in. Maybe he doesn’t. Either way I think ISIS is going to take over the world. And (on the bright side) no matter what happens God’s going to win in the end. 🙂 Interesting post!


    1. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
      Edmund Burke

      In other words, the only way ISIS will take over the world is if good people do nothing, or we allow the leaders of the world to continue to put political correctness over common sense.

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      1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like there’s no hope and that they’re definitely going to take over the world. You’re right, if good people do something about it, then yay!

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  2. Unfortunately it is the actions of our governments that have come back to bite them: when they create wars/disruption in other countries as a smokescreen for them to enter and plunder resources: oil or whatever. It was our governments who created the aftermath of a refugee crisis. It was our governments who helped create ‘ISIS’… by their intervention. This blogger has a lot to say about this:


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