Time to Rock the Boat, from Reach for Roots

Source: Time to Rock the Boat

Sometimes we lose sight of our own identities because we’re too busy “doing what you gotta do.”

Lately I’ve been saying that a lot, and it troubles me because I’ve always been the kind of person to love what I do and do what I love. My excuse has always been that “it looks good on scholarship applications.” But the truth is that I wouldn’t do something that I didn’t think I would enjoy just because it looks good.a

But to say now that “I’m just doing what I gotta do,” is a little more than unsettling for me.

Am I losing my identity? Am I losing the passion that defined me?

Well, nothing that rocking the boat couldn’t fix. If you have been neglecting the creative-you or the passionate- and determined-you, like I have, start a “passion project” by doing something you love and rock that boat of life!

But first read where I got this idea from. It’s a great post by an incredibly positive individual whom I’ve only met a couple of times. But what a difference her words made to my day and my week!

So click away! All of the links in this post are to her site! 😉


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