Thanksgiving November: Grateful for Safety

Thanksgiving November” is a series of posts I’ll write in November, telling you what I’m grateful for! This is my second post about my gratitude for a safe environment. Written in light of the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015.

In light of the events of yesterday in Paris, I became extremely grateful for living my life in safety so far.

Photo taken by my friend Jeff, a photographer (Instagram, WordPress)
Photo taken by my friend Jeff, a photographer (Instagram, WordPress)

I was shocked and horrified while reading about the events unfolding around one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But beyond that, I was disgusted.
Disgusted that people will take to extremist views and actually think that they can take human lives.

Having a discussion with the youth in my church this morning, we came to the conclusion that what happens in the world is a result of human hunger for power. We become our own god and we think that it’s okay to alter others’ lives to benefit our own.

But we’re not gods; we’re not better than our neighbors; we’re not better because of your religion; not better because of our societal rank; not better because of our nationality… We’re not better than anyone, period.

We’re all the same.

wpid-img_20151114_081004.jpgBut not everyone thinks this way… Especially not those with extreme views. (I am by no means talking about Muslims as a whole here. I am talking about anyone who holds extreme views and thinks s/he is better – because once that mindset sets in, the step ahead is despising others. Thatthat is unacceptable.)

As a result, so many nations are either a target or are under attack. It’s not safe anywhere!

So as you go about your week (and your life, really), be always mindful that many millions wish to have the safety that you have.

So today, and I hope that I will always have this in mind, I am so thankful to live my life peacefully, not looking over my shoulder every second.

I’ll go even further to say that I am extremely grateful that God has given us a promise to come again and end all of the pain, nonsense, and suffering in this world.

What are you grateful for?


P.S.: There was also a shooting in Kenya today, and I am praying for the families of the 147 lives lost there. Just as well, let our thoughts be with the people of Lebanon, who were also under bombing attacks before Paris. Among so many other disasters… Let us keep praying for the world. And praying that, soon, we will have an eternal break from this mess.

P.P.S.: This acapella song captures the sense of Thanksgiving November, and it’s my favorite song at the moment. So if you’d like to give it a listen, you’re welcome to hear it here: Give Thanks – Heritage Singers
(If I could’ve embedded it, I would’ve!)



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