Stressed out? This should help!

Reblogging at request from my fellow blogger – and because this actually is REALLY helpful! Enjoy the reading, and do enjoy the lovely air in the outdoors.

Life + Nature

When somebody asks you, “How are you doing?” which of these answers are you most likely to give?
a) fine
b) good
c) busy
d) crazy busy! 

If your answer included some form of busy, you are not alone. Here in the US, we pride ourselves on our productivity. It’s good to be busy. We’ve developed a culture– if not even perhaps a cult— centered on the premise that being busy is a sign of importance, status, and success. In today’s world, it’s all to easy to strive to be busy, to over-commit, and to overextend ourselves thinking that it’s just what needs to get done.

But there’s a cost to all of this busy-ness: We are also stressed out of our minds. Americans report than their personal stress levels are higher than what they feel is a healthy level, with 1 in 5 adults reporting that…

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