Thanksgiving November: Helping Others

“Thanksgiving November” is a series of posts I’ll write in November, telling you what I’m grateful for! (Read about my Thanksgiving November Challenge).

I know it sounds cliché to say that helping others benefits you… But I truly believe that. There is such a great feeling – an indescribable feeling – in helping someone when they need your help.

This week, I had the chance to talk to Jim* who had lost hope in life… I got to tell him that, in the end, it’s okay not to be okay. And that it’s okay to be completely lost sometimes.

There are days when you’ll know exactly what your goals are and you’ll work your hardest to be closer to your goal.
Other days, you’ll be so lost and so overwhelmed, you’ll want to give up.

But that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it? The variety of feelings, of events, of days, of possibilities… The variety of chances we get to help someone in need…

Really, how many times do we take the time to talk to someone who needs a listening ear, a helping hand, a piece of advice, or just some words to strengthen them? How many times do we worry about others? How many times do we actually go out of our way to genuinely ask someone how they’re doing?

I myself am guilty of missing opportunities to be a light in someone’s day.

But life is dull when we only worry about ourselves.

So whenever you come in contact with someone, smile at them, say hi, wish them a good day… Anything that will make their day a little brighter – especially if you know that person is having a rough day. After all, smiling makes yourself happier too!

Just knowing that I could encourage hope and positivity in Jim’s* life, if only for a minute, made me so glad to be alive.

That’s what we’re here for! To encourage, help, guide, advise, and hold each other!

It’s time we treat each other as blessings!

Imagine what a world that would be…

I’m grateful for my opportunities to help. What are you grateful for?

* Jim is a fictional name for the anonymous individual I interacted with.



  1. May sound silly but I am greatful for being able to hear, see, smell, feel, walk, breath, think, speak, play guitar … all this can help me living benefit for others too. Every day life sometimes makes me forget these simple things…

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    1. That’s not silly at all! It’s awesome that you took the time to recognize those as blessings. We take it all for granted. But when we think about them… wow! They really are things to be grateful for!! Thank you for participating and sharing!

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  2. Generosity of spirit is such an important concept to grasp, and you have written so well about it. It’s easy to walk away from those who need us, we can push them aside and tend concentrate on ourselves because the western world has become obsessed with things like appearance objects etc. I don’t have Facebook, Instragram or any of those services (except Twitter which I use for my blog and news) because I got so tired of ‘selfies’ and the other popular trends. Sorry that comment got away from me there. The point is charity really does start at home, we need to open up and care for other people because we’re all inextricably linked, there is no separation between us for every choice has a consequence that ripples out and effects every other thing.


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