Who do you write to?

I think it’s safe to say that most of us write for ourselves. Writing is therapeutic and it’s an excellent way to communicate.

But once you make these writings public, there is definitely a reason behind the decision.

With that in mind, I came up with the following ideas about why I blog:

  • I have a need to share my strong opinions. I don’t always share them publicly, but you can be absolutely sure that someone in my close circle will know what I’m thinking. So why not make the bigger and more relevant opinions known to the world as well?
  • Blogging is an exercise for discipline and focus. If you think about it, whatever you say on a blog post is now available for the world to see. It holds you accountable for what you do. So if you say you’ll post every week of the month… You better not forget!
  • Blogging makes me more present. Similar to the previous bullet point, I know blogging will drive me to observe more details and to notice more things.

The reason I started blogging was just to have an excuse to write about my strong, and often too opinionated, views on different topics. I had just come out of a Critical Thinking and Advanced Composition class, which I absolutely loved… So my opinions were very strong and my need for discussing topics was very high.

But after a few months of testing the waters, I can tell you who my writings are for:

  • People who are motivated or seek motivation
  • People who struggle, but learn to see the other side of the coin
  • People who are positive or seek positivity
  • People who try to understand others

But most of all, I blog to those who are passionate about what they do, what they believe, who they are, who they have, and how they live their lives.

My goal is no longer to tell you what I’m passionate about. Now, I want you to feel inspired to find one yourself.

Do you have a passion? If you do, I hope you enjoy my blog. If you don’t, I hope you find one by reading through my blog.

Stay awesome!



  1. I can certainly echo the strong opinions point. Conversly, I can see how writing inspires others when one shares their points without interruption. Unlike debates, writing doesn’t have to get as ugly, there is space and time to reflect and generate more civil dialogue. ☺


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