WordPress 5k!

The worse thing that can happen when you want to track how many miles you completed is for your app not to track how many miles you’ve completed.

And that exact thing happened to me… Maybe it’s the bad luck aura of Halloween.

I’ve been trying to find the perfect time to complete the Automattic’s Worldwide WordPress 5k of this year, but it’s been a struggle this week… So I did it in two pieces! One on Monday and one on Friday.


On Monday, I tried to do all of it, but had to cut it short. I only had about .3 miles left to finish it! But duty called, so I responded.

I usually run or bike around a park in town, but I decided to explore the area around — there’s a country road going into the neighborhood around it.

I love California sunsets… So, of course, I always try to get my outdoors activities done around sunset.

I went out to the country road and found this very pleasant view about halfway through my course of the day.

Taken by me, October 2015

You can’t tell me California sunsets aren’t the greatest.

Taken by me, October 2015

As soon as I turned around from that view, I saw a huge moon up in the sky. I mean ENORMOUS! My pictures do not give you a clear idea of how immense the moon was that night.

Nonetheless, here’s my attempt (with a really bad quality camera!).

I didn’t finish the 3.1 miles (5k) that day, but I came home to a huge and bright moon.

An Incomplete 5k? NEVER.


So, I finished it on Friday. I don’t know exactly how many miles I did because my app stopped working and I didn’t notice until I finished the course… But I am absolutely sure that I did at least 3 miles, so regardless of tracking, I know I did my 5k this week!

(See? My pace was 0 mi/min even though I biked for nearly 20 minutes. I guess I’m Wonder Woman.)

Who knew biking for a cause would be so fun?

I’m glad to have an excuse to get out and do something. It’s always more motivating when there’s an event like this – even if we, the participants, are only connected online.

Sharing is one of the biggest components for continued motivation! So whether you’re just reading this or you too participated, thank you for supporting and making this event super exciting and awesome!


Stay movin’!



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