Busy Body, Busy Mind

I’ve been so absent from my blog, and I’m sorry!! I love to keep up with the times and share my thoughts, but life’s been busy.

I stumbled upon a quote by Socrates… At least I read it’s from Socrates (who knows, right?)… But regardless of the author, the words couldn’t be fairer warning: “Beware the bareness of a busy life.”

We often think of a busy life as happy life – or at least an accomplished life. But this weekend I got to tune off from my daily affairs and I noticed how wonderful it is to enjoy the aspects of life that we overlook during our hectic days.

I love being busy. Maybe it’s because I feel productive. But having a day for myself, to recharge all of my energy, is also part of my schedule.

Having a busy schedule 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, and 12 months a year, is so detrimental to your outlook on life. Everything becomes dull because you don’t pay attention to the niceties around you.

Taken from: Pinterest

Have you noticed how much more details you catch when you go on vacation? Maybe it’s because you go to new places on those amazing days off, but maybe it’s because you’re relaxed and you give yourself the luxury of noticing something other than your watch.

Some time this week, do yourself a favor and watch a sunset, go for a jog, take a nice bath, or read a few pages of your favorite book. We all deserve some me-time to recharge.

Thank you for your support!

Love, B.

P.S.: I still owe you my “You Only Have One Body Part 2,” so I will get on it in the next week or so. Toodles!



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